Effecting bottom line strategies to improve margins.

Phoenix Health Care Management Services, Inc. exists to create and deliver innovative services and solutions to enhance economic and operational performance of health care providers and organizations. Phoenix Health Care Management Services, Inc shareholders are able to come together to share risks that an organization might not otherwise pursue independently.

Created by VHA Georgia, Inc. (now Vizient MidSouth) members, this separately owned, unique company services both Vizient MidSouth members and non-members. Current programs within Phoenix Health Care Management Services include:

  • HSI Financial Services, LLC – revenue management support company
  • Georgia Medical Resource Pool, LLC – human resources solutions provider
  • Georgia ADS, LLC – medical claims financing and stop-loss prevention
  • Phoenix Committed Insurance Program – group purchased employee benefits
  • Regional Contracts – regional agreements that provide discounted programs and services and administrative fees
HSI Financial Services, LLC.
Georgia Medical Resource Pool
Phoenix Committed Ins. Program
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Georgia ADS, LLC.
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Regional Contracts
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