Mission, Vision, Values


Phoenix exists to create innovative services and solutions, best achieved collaboratively, that deliver superior economic and operational results to health care providers.


Phoenix will be the pre-eminent, indispensible enterprise delivering superior economic results.


 The principles guiding services that our staff provides to our members are:

Excellence — To exceed our members' and customers' highest expectations through the continuous pursuit of excellence.

Results  —  To deliver outcomes that are indispensable and integral to our members' and customers' success.

Integrity — To always deliver on our commitments and build all relationships on honesty, trust and respect.

Service  —  To listen, create, execute and surpass member and customer needs.

Teamwork —  To collaborate internally and externally to succeed at everything we do.

Innovation —  To be visionary, creative and dynamic, strengthened by the collective wisdom of our members and customers.

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