Georgia ADS, LLC
Available only to Phoenix Health Care Management Services, Inc. stockholders, Georgia ADS offers a mechanism to reimburse participating members for high cost claimants covered under their self-funded health benefits plans. Read more.

Georgia Medical Resource Pool, LLC
Georgia Medical Resources Pool (GMRP) is committed to quality health care by providing its clients solutions for staffing effectiveness. Recipient of the Gold Seal of Approval for Healthcare Staffing Services from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, GMRP is a mechanism for members to meet the human resource needs in a managed care environment and provides a variety of health care specialties with highly skilled, reputable professionals. Read more.

HSI Financial Services, LLC
Dedicated exclusively to the health care industry, HSI was established in 1983 by health care executives to provide programs designed specifically and exclusively to support health care organizations’ accounts receivable needs. Through its evolution, HSI has expanded to offer not only core services specific to the accounts receivable cycle, but has expanded to offer a variety of solutions across the revenue management cycle of not-for-profit health care organizations. Read more.

Phoenix Committed Insurance Program, LLC
Part of the benefit of Phoenix Health Care Management Services, Inc. is our collective power. By creating a company to aggregate employee lives of our shareholder organizations, Phoenix Committed Insurance Program (PCIP) is able to go to market in order to identify best price and product for various elective insurance products on behalf of its participants. Since inception, PCIP has offered products for life, disability, vision and dental, as well as services such as pharmacy benefit management and dependent eligibility services. Read more.

Regional Contracts
Phoenix Health Care Management Services, Inc. understands that many times it is more effective to utilize existing services rather than creating a like offering. Thus, Phoenix Health Care Management Services, Inc. is constantly looking for opportunities to partner with existing companies to deliver products and services at a reduced fee to its participating shareholders and negotiates reduced fees and/or marketing fees on their behalf. These contracts offer programs and services in all areas of health care management. Read more

HSI Financial Services, LLC.
Georgia Medical Resource Pool
Phoenix Committed Ins. Program
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Georgia ADS, LLC.
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Regional Contracts
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